VIP Casino Bet: Best Online Casino Sites

The online entertainment industry has experienced a striking development during the last decade. Smartphones and mobile devices have changed the way players can access their favourites games, letting them try their luck whenever they want, as long as they are connected to the internet. As a consequence, the number of online casinos is growing exponentially. Still, it is increasingly hard for new gamblers to choose a safe and secure site to bet their money on.

To make the selection process a bit easier, this article introduces and explains some basic concepts that every player should keep in mind before registering in an online casino.

Which Online Casino is the Best?

Choosing the best casino is fundamentally a matter of taste. Each player values its features differently, emphasising those that make their experience more enjoyable. Still, it is possible to limit subjectivity to a minimum, by discussing those aspects that are considered a standard in the industry among fair and secure casinos.

Some key characteristics to look for are:

Licences: A casino licence ensures the operator manages both a player’s money and personal information with the most care, protecting their users from fraud and malicious third parties that could access sensitive data. Licences are issued by government agencies, foremost, and also by some specialised organisations, whose role has more to do with guaranteeing the fairness of the gaming software.

Game Selection: The best casinos offer an updated catalogue of games, comprising classics such as blackjack or roulette, in addition to a great selection of slot games and live casino options. Entertainment software companies launch new releases every month, which makes it essential to look for operators working in partnership with the most reputable developers if players want to get to try every new product

Payment Options: A site with a wide selection of payment services allows its members to choose the method that suits them better, according to the local regulations and, particularly, to processing times. Support for e-wallets and cryptocurrencies can add an extra layer of security to the player’s online transactions.

Customer Support: Betting in an online casino implies putting real money at stake. Therefore, users should check the available contact options in case they need to solve any issues that might arise during a gaming session. A live contact option, (live chat or phone support), allows players to discuss any inconveniences directly, without the long waiting times associated with email or contact forms.

Can I Win Money in an Online Casino?

Winning in an online casino is definitely possible. It requires both a combination of luck and skill, depending on the nature of the game. In traditional table games such as poker and blackjack, a good hand is always an advantage. Still, a lack of concentration or strategy can ruin the best initial conditions. While playing on slots instead, pure luck and odds have a more dominant role.

In any case, it is essential to set a betting budget beforehand and stick to it, even after winning, to prevent unsustainable losses if the player’s luck turns around.

Is it Safe to Play in Online Casinos?

Playing in online casinos is safe, as long as players take some precautions. First of all, it is advised to only gamble in reputable licensed online casinos if real money is going to be involved, to make sure the casino operator is fair towards its users and protects their privacy and personal data.

Players should also check for the security protocols the site uses to manage payments and transactions. They are usually listed at the bottom of the page, along with badges and certifications from organisations dedicated to test and verify the data protection systems of the casinos.

In case of doubt, a useful option is to search online for casino reviews and player feedback, to see how the operator treats its users and deals with complaints. Other experienced players are a good source of knowledge about the safety of a particular casino.

Which Devices are Supported By Online Casinos?

Even though some people continue to play on their desktop computers, the majority of casino players have made the switch to mobile platforms, due to their convenience and the possibility to start a quick gaming session no matter the place or time of the day. This has pushed entertainment companies to launch mobile support for their casino sites and to keep their software updated with the latest technology available in the industry.

The best casino apps should be compatible with the most popular operating systems currently in the market, such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone, for both smartphones and tablets. Mobile sites are also a good alternative for those who do not want to download external software.


What Currencies are Supported in Online Casinos?

Deposits and withdrawals

The accepted methods of payment and withdrawal can vary among different online casinos. However, most reputable casinos offer various alternatives when it comes to deposits, including traditional options such as credit card transactions and bank transfers, and also the possibility to top up an account using some popular e-wallet services such as PayPal or Skrill.

Something that has to be considered is that players usually are only able to withdraw their earnings with the same payment method they have used for depositing in the first place. This is due to financial regulations set by the corresponding governmental authorities.

Withdrawal times and limits

Another aspect that is necessary to keep in mind when choosing an online casino are both the limits and processing delays regarding money withdrawals. Even though different payment methods entail various withdrawal times, some sites might try to convince players during this period to cancel the operation and redeposit the sum in their account, giving a redeposit bonus as an incentive.

Online casino operators can also include a withdrawal fee to be deducted or add limits to the amount that players can withdraw in a specific time frame. It is essential to read the terms and conditions carefully before putting real money in play.